Freestyle motocross

FMX Shows

Hardwired Entertainment's main attraction. Experience these cold blooded dare devils take to the sky with style and grace.

See the reason why Hardwired Entertainment have been called WA's best extreme sports experience with their impressive FMX abilities

Harley Wheelies

Wheelie Crew

Are you ready to feel your heart beat like a jack hammer?

Watch on as the extreme Hardwired Harley team blow the lid off what you think is possible on a Harley Davidson.

These professional stuntman are not happy until that front wheel is pointed at the sun or theres a bellow of smoke and rubber coming off the back wheel.

BMX Freestyle

BMX shows

Two wheels and no engine. The Hardwired BMX team is not for faint hearted, watch the thrill of a man powered machine take to the sky with ease.

Sideways fun

Drift team

Experience the trill of sideways, professional drivers showing off their ability to make a car scream and dance at the same time.

The hardwired Drift team are experts in sideways fun, both team and solo pursuit. Boasting over powered and lightweight vehicles, optimised for drift.

Put in your earplugs and smell the burning rubber because these guys dont go easy.

Super light + agile

Obstacle Trial Bikes

Watch the Hardwired Trial team crawl, climb and jump over seemingly impossible obstacles.

Whether outlandish distances covered with the smallest amount of propulsion or vertical leaps with that seem to go against physics, these guys will will leave the crowd saying one word...WOW